SIBE 2019 8th Congress of Italian Society for Evolutionary Biology in Padua, Congresso SIBE 2019 Padova

SIBE 2019 Recommended Restaurants

Restaurants Suggestions

Il Ristorante Zairo

Prato della Valle, 51 - Ph. +39.(0)49663803
5 minutes walking
English version

Al Vecchio Falconiere

Via Umberto I, 31/1 - Ph. +39.(0)49666544
6 minutes walking
Speciality of the house: meat cooked on special dishes directly.
Close on Monday and on Tuesday for lunch.

Terrazza Carducci

Via Giosuè Carducci, 2 B - Ph. +39.(0)498766183
8 minutes walking
Refined restaurant with a beautiful outdoor terrace, venetian cooking. Medium Price Euro 35 + drinks

Antica Trattoria Al Bersagliere

Via Donatello, 6 - Ph. +39.(0)498766242
2 minutes walking
English version

Trattoria al Prato

Prato della Valle 4/5 - Ph. +39. 049662429
3 minutes walking; Close on Wednesday
Refined restaurant , venetian cooking.
Medium/High Price from Euro 40 + drinks

Pizzeria al Borgo

Via Beato Luca Belludi, 56 - Ph. +39.(0)498758857
2 minutes walking, near Saint Antonio Cathedral
Very thin Pizza above all. Very very quick service.  Low/medium price Euro 12/16

Passando per Modena

Prato della Valle, 117 - Ph. +39.333.2202177
4 minutes walking only Italian version
Close on Monday. Real emilian cooking, a piece of Modena in Padova. Home brewed beer.

Box Caffè

Prato della Valle, 12 - Ph. +39.(0)495916852
3 minutes walking
Friendly restaurant,
venetian renovated cooking.

Box Pizza

Prato della Valle, 19 - Ph. +39.(0)498209035
3 minutes walking
Friendly restaurant, every kind of pizza.

Osteria il Canevone

Via Umberto I, 102 - Ph. +39.3930532022
6 minutes walking
Friendly Trattoria and wine bar, sometimes live music.

Pizzeria Orsucci dal 1922

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 18 - Ph. +39.(0)498759313
8 minutes walking
Pizzeria Take away