SIBE 2019 8th Congress of Italian Society for Evolutionary Biology in Padua, Congresso SIBE 2019 Padova

SIBE 2019 Invited Speakers Spotlight

Leading experts in the field of evolutionary biology as invited speakers at the 8th Congress of the Italian Society of Evolutionary Biology (SIBE), Padova 1st-4th September 2019!

The Italian Society of Evolutionary Biology (SIBE) is pleased to announce that several renown scientists will give an invited talk at the 8th SIBE congress in Padova.

Birgit Schlick-Steiner, Lloyd Peck, Scott F. Gilbert

Scott F. Gilbert (Swarthmore College, USA and University of Helsinki, Finland), leading expert in the field of evolutionary developmental biology will give the Opening Lecture on the holobiont as selective unit of evolution and on the importance of developmental symbiosis.

Birgit Schlick-Steiner and Florian Steiner (University of Innsbruck, Austria) will explore some theoretical and practical aspects of Integrative Taxonomy, at the interface of systematics and evolutionary biology in the framework of the symposium “Units of diversity: tools, strategies and case-studies to define species limits”

The famous Antarctic biologist Lloyd Peck (British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK) will speak about “Life in cold extremes: adaptations of Antarctic marine species” for the symposium on Evolution in marine environments.

Daniele Silvestro, Daniela Campobello, Christopher Clements

Daniela Campobello from the University of Palermo (Italy), will open the symposium on Social behaviour: ecology and evolution with a talk on her research on behavioral ecology of birds.

Christopher Clements, leading scientist in Experimental Ecology and Conservation at the University of Bristol (UK), will give a talk entitled “Tracking traits to predict declines” to open the symposium on Conservation and evolution.

Daniele Silvestro (University of Gothenburg, Sweden and University of Lausanne, CH), leading expert in phylogenetic methods, will open the symposium Phylo3: Phylogenetics, Phylogenomics & Phylogeography.

Alfonso Troisi

Alfonso Troisi (University of Roma Tor Vergata) will introduce us into the fascinating challenge of applying the concepts and methods of evolutionary biology to the study of medicine and mental disorders

Montgomery Slatkin

On the last and closing day, SIBE will hold the ceremony for the first edition of the ‘Luigi Luca Cavalli Sforza Award’. Such an initiative is meant to recognize eminent personalities in the research field of evolutionary biology. In this first edition, this SIBE prize will be awarded to Montgomery Slatkin (University of California at Berkeley, CA, USA). Montgomery Slatkin will give the first Cavalli Sforza Lecture (open to the public) and a lecture on “Genetic effects of range expansions” in the framework of the last symposium of the 8th SIBE congress “Population genetics and population genomics” (organized in partnership with the Italian Anthropological Association, AAI).

Garrett Hellenthal

Garrett Hellenthal is an Associate Professor in the UCL Genetics Institute (UGI) at University College London. His primary work involves constructing and applying statistical methods to genetics data from human populations in order to infer their ancestral histories and identify when groups intermixed.

Cosimo Posth

Cosimo Posth is a Post-Doctoral researcher at the Department of Archaeogenetics, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, Jena, Germany

His research activity focuses on the study of ancient DNA, a discipline that is able to uncover past genetic diversity not achievable with present-day DNA alone.

Join us at the 8th SIBE Congress with many fantastic social events as for instance the social dinner at the stunning Astronomical Observatory of Padova with theatre show included! The Abstract submission is open until the 15th of June, hurry up!

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