SIBE 2019 8th Congress of Italian Society for Evolutionary Biology in Padua, Congresso SIBE 2019 Padova

Graphic Recording, SIBE 2019

Visual summaries of expressed concepts and ideas

Jacopo Sacquegno, MSc in Molecular Biology, is a professional Visual Thinking Practitioner

He works to help organizations and professionals to summarize, create connections, inspire reflections and generate insights, thanks to the many applications of Visual Thinking.

  • His primary mission is to use doodles, visual concept maps and rich pictures to facilitate science understanding, research and communication.

    l'illusione della razza

    He does so at the 8th SIBE congress (whose logo is the author) with the practice of Graphic Recording.

    Listening to the speeches and presentations throughout the event, he will draw live visual summaries of expressed concepts and ideas.

    These summaries help to create connections between ideas, inspire reflection and generate insights, and will be shared online.

    The real time graphic recording will be also projected and visible to everyone for the final Round Table about communication of Evolution and Biodiversity.

  • una storia della storia dell'uomo
  • piero angela
  • l'importanza dell'esame

You can see a collection of his work here: